In order to fulfill this mission, our founder Alons developed this remarkable software Serverly which allows users to manage all their WordPress Websites from single dashboard using just one login. User can simply add their WordPress websites at and everything will be ready to be managed.

Serverly provides a singular Overview to all the websites Updates, Backups, Plugins/Themes, etc on one single page. User can also view the details of individual website's updates, backups, etc in detail. A multiple Plugins/Themes can be installed, updated, activated, deactivated and deleted on the selected number of websites together in one go, hence, reducing the hassle to login to every website separately and then performing the tasks separately on each. Outdated websites can be updated to the latest WordPress version on just one click.

While performing all these tasks, there is always a risk of breaking the website accidentally, resulting in the loss of important data. In order to prevent this, Serverly also allow users to take a backup of their websites beforehand which they can restore anytime in future in the face of any damage to their website.

Serverly, however, will not restrict itself to just these features. Our developers are working round the clock to improve and add many more new features to aid the users in their WordPress Websites Management task. We will keep on working for the users to ease their burden by making this task even more easier in every aspect possible.