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This guide shows you how to Add a Server


  • Newly installed CentOS 6.x / 7.x or Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server
  • YUM / apt-get / tar / wget packages installed
  • RAM - Minimum 1.5 GB (Recommended 2 GB for best performance)
  • Disk Space - Minimum 5 GB (Recommended 10 GB for best performance)

Note : There should be no LAMP or LEMP Stack installed on the server

Login to Serverly

Access the Serverly Panel with your Softaculous Credential.


  • You can Add a server from your Serverly Panel > Add Server

Add server.png
  • Populate the fields according to the placeholder and click Install.

Add server1.png

  • Installation time may vary in accordance to the Network Speed of the Server and other factors, So please be patient.

Add server2.png

  • Your Server will be added after the Success Message appears

Add server3.png

Required Inputs

  • Sever IP - Specify the IP Address of the Server to be added.
  • ROOT Password - Specify the ROOT password of the server to be added.
  • Webuzo Password - Specify the password that will be used by Serverly to communicate with the server.

NOTE : Serverly only requires the ROOT password during installation, you can change it after the Installation process completes.