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This tutorial will show you how to Install an App.

Login to Serverly

Access the Serverly Panel with your Softaculous Credential.


  • Select Apps from Serverly Panel > Apps

Install app.png

  • Click the Install App from Apps page

Install app1.png

  • Populate the fields according to placeholders and Click Install App

Install app2.png

  • Installation time may vary in accordance to the Network Speed of the Server and other factors, So please be patient.

Install app3.png

  • Your App will be installed after the Success Message appears

Install app4.png

Required Inputs

  • App Name - Specify a unique name for your APP.
  • Domain - Specify the Domain on which the APP has to be installed.
  • Select App - Specify which APP you want to install eg: Wordpress*.
  • Select Server - Specify the Server on which the APP has to be installed.

* NOTE: At present Wordpress is the only option available, other APP's will be available in the future.